(ENG) The only journey which you will regret is the one you will not do ( EVS story)

Hello to everyone, my name is Kateřina Školudíková from Czech republic and everybody in Ventspils calls me Káče. You could meet me as a Eiropean voulnunteering service volunteer during 4 interesting months  in

Ventspils Youth House.

After all this time when I am back in my country, I have to say that it was the most intensive experince in my life. Now, when I am back I‘m getting quite often one question: „if you could go back to the past, would you want to do it again? And my answer is „DEFINITELY YES! And you should try it too!“

Before the start of my EVS (european voluntary service) story I worked for a few years in a marketing field. I loved my work and also I‘ve fallen in love with travelling and somewhere inside of me I started to feel a desire to try to live abroad. I didn‘t search  for it a lot and when I found EVS project in Ventspils, It looked interesting for me so I just applied for it. And now I am really happy that I didn‘t think over a lot about it. Because I had really nice opportinity to get to know Latvia and Latvians and because I am not a fan of winter, I am quite sure that before it, Latvia wouldn‘t be my dream holiday destination.

My EVS project „EVS in Ventspils city“ started in october 2017 and I became a part of Ventspils Youth House. I could help them with their events which are typical for this organisation and also I could come with something new or with something what I want to try to realize. During my participation in this project I made some videos about Youth House events and about EVS, some posters and presentations for single events and I also helped with organising and preparing these events. Before going to Latvia I danced a few years in a bellydance group and because I really love to dance I had once a week a bellydance class. It was really nice, girls who joined for it were so skillful and talented. I hope that they will have a chance to continue with it. One of my wishes from EVS was to improve my english too and it‘s happend because I lived with two other lovely foreign volunteers so we always spoke together in english and also in Youth House I spoke just in english.  Long time ago I learnt also russian language so I hoped that I could improve it here too and people from Youth House helped me also with this. They found a guy who wanted to learn english but he spoke just in latvian or russian language. So I startet to teach him. In the start it was challenge but he was skillful and patient. And I am proud at me that I could do it.

I have so many beautiful memories and I can‘t say what is the best but all Christmas time was for me really wonderful. I didn‘t go to home during Christmas time, both my flatmates went to their families and I staid alone in our flat. I wasn't so afraid that I‘ll miss my family a lot because we wanted to have a video call and I wasn‘t with them also last Christmas. But when Christmas Eve was closer and closer I felt quite homesick. But my friends from Youth House cared about me so nice and prepared for me really nice programme for Christmas holiday, one of them took me to a balet performance of Ventspils dancing school and another day she showed me Ventspils outdoor museum and other friend invited me into her warmhearted family for Christmas Eve where I felt like at home in my family.

In the end I can only recommend to all young people to try to join into EVS projects. You can just win. For example me – I‘ve found really nice people and good friends there! Or if you don‘t want to go abroad just go to Ventspils Youth House because they are really cool and they can make your free time more interesting and more funny!

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