[ENG] Carlota invites you to goodbye party 28 August

Carlota is inviting you :"Hola holaaa! 

So I have some news 😊 the 28th of this month I will organise a small goodbye event.

It’s open to everyone, but especially to my Spanish students 🤩. It will start at 18:00 and end around 20:00. Starting at 18:00 I decided to do a clothe swapping, as I have some things that I will leave here in Latvia I though it could be fun that people can come, see what they like and take, also you can bring some of your old stuff so you can do the changing, take something – give something 👍! 

At 18:30 I will start a culinary class where I will show how to make pastéis de nata (Portuguese desert) and maybe, tortilla de patata (Spanish potato omelet) you can all take notes and of course – try. 

And at around 19:30 I will do a little through back with pictures of all of my adventures! 

You are all invited, and I would be super happy if all of you could join!"

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