[ENG] EVS in Latvia – how to describe it?

Shower on the way from bus station to our new home is not a welcome scenario from a dream, I have to admit. Entering the old house with 10 strangers and realizing that for one month we will all sleep in the same big room ON THE FLOOR! Have only one shower for 10 of us.  Well… thanks God my luggage is ready to go back home to my comfy bed.

This was my first impression of this project, but I was there to challenge my comfort zone and said to myself: “Dina it can be only better.”

And I have to admit that it was much better, unexpected better.

From the first day I had feeling that we clicked pretty good as a group and after one month I was sure that this feeling was right. It was really easy to arrange some group activity because everyone was open and ready to have fun and make new memories. Some of them are cooking and eating together and a little bit more of eating, playing animal game, enjoying in beach volleyball, watching movies or just having fun in new country.

First two weeks I had a feeling like I am on holiday with friends – we were playing volleyball, eating, traveling a bit, helping a bit on some festivals, discussing very serious topics or just blabbering about blue sky and green tree, but in general just enjoying.

With beginning of preparation for the festival it started to be little bit confusing because sometimes I had a feeling that we just don’t know exactly what we have to do and for what. However, every day something was done and confusion or little frustration has been removed by pleasant chatting with members of our small new family.

For one month every day I have been going to sleep with smile because in every day I could have found more than one thing that really made me happy – cutting CDs for decoration and laughing, singing alarm song, eating delicious food, crating cool activities for festival, screaming on sewing machine when it ate thread, enjoying the snow in the middle of summer in sewing room and much more things that just fulfilled our days.

If I had to describe this EVS I would just say – unforgettable! All new people, things I have learned and crazy memories will forever bring a smile on my face. 

EVS in​ heart

Dina Kuhar

The project "Young city of tomorrow" was financed with the support of European Commission’s “Erasmus+: Youth in Action” administered in Latvia by the Agency for International Programs for Youth. This publication reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained there in.