[ENG] Ventspils. Project. EVS. Summer 2018.

This Summer I went to Ventspils, a town in the coast of Latvia, an unknown country for me before.  I went there as an European Volunteer and I am going to explain how was my experience.

I had never been on my own, out of my house, of my comfort zone for such a long time before this project, so to be honest the days before leaving home I was a little bit scared, but excited at the same time.

Now that the project is finished I can say that it was the best decision I have ever made. 

Since the first day that I started meeting the other volunteers all the worries and doubts about the project started to vanish. We made a really good team while we were doing our job in the project and even better when we were on our free time. In the last days of the project we realized that we didn’t even had one ugly situation in the whole month despite we were living all together, all day, sharing common spaces and a lot of daily tasks between us.

This was also due to the organizers, they were all very kind and close. The first week we made a lot of team building activities, we visited a lot of places together and without knowing it you feel totally adapted there with the people, the country and the great atmosphere of the project. 

When we already had a very strong group we started to work, first for some events going on in the city, and later for our main job there the big festival on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of August, in our place, the youth house. 

The working part was also good, we did a lot of physical job in the yard of the house but we also had to work on our creativity to find activities for the festival, in conclusion,  we felt satisfied and fulfilled everyday. 

To sum up, I left Latvia with a lot of new friends, very motivated to keep doing projects like this one and a very big smile on my face of satisfaction for all I have learnt  there and the feeling that I am a better person now.

Ferran Barrera

The project "Young city of tomorrow" was financed with the support of European Commission’s “Erasmus+: Youth in Action” administered in Latvia by the Agency for International Programs for Youth. This publication reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained there in.