What is your European voluntary work experience, Irati?

I could have never imagine going to Latvia on summer. I really wanted to live a different experience abroad and hopefully learn something useful that could help me daily. I discovered this European voluntary work and started to learn more about it and inform myself. That’s how I saw this opportunity, and I found it very interesting, helping to create a youth festival. It was something I have never done before, and the best part was living abroad. 

So, I applied, hoping it would work out, and thankfully it did. This summer experience, this volunteering is the best one I have done so far, and I´m so grateful I had this opportunity.

Living in Latvia one month has brought me so many positive things. Learning more about this practically new country, its culture and the people. There are amazing people living in Ventspils and we all were fortunate enough to meet and really get to know this month.

Our everyday work was creating different activities, decorations, ideas and so on for the festival in order to make a decorated and fun festival for youngsters. It was so much more exiting with the Latvian volunteers helping us, as they made our daily routine happier. We had the privilege to count with them not only professionally but also as friends. 

Although the 10 volunteers and Latvian volunteers were indispensable to create the festival, we couldn’t have done it without the help of our organizers, Helena, Unda, Emils, which were helpful and friendly with all of us.
In this project, every day was different, that’s what made this month unique. We had two days of free time each week, so we (the 10 volunteers) usually tried to visit cities around to try to get to know Latvia better. That’s how we visit Kuldiga, Liepaja, Talsi, Riga… We learned so many different things and were able to do sightseeing on beautiful cities.

In conclusion, I would, with no doubt, totally recommend this project to future volunteers. It is an amazing way of knowing new people, making lifelong friends, getting to know another country and getting yourself out of your comfort zone by helping others.

For sure it was a special time for me, and hopefully it could be in the future for some other people too. 

Projekts "Jaunatne iesaistās" tiek finansēts ar Eiropas Komisijas “Erasmus+: Jaunatne darbībā”, kuru Latvijā administrē Jaunatnes starptautisko programmu aģentūra, atbalstu.

Šī publikācija atspoguļo vienīgi autora uzskatus, un Komisijai nevar uzlikt atbildību par tajā ietvertās informācijas jebkuru iespējamo izlietojumu.