Katherina, what in your opinion is Ventspils?

After a three-hour long bus journey starting at Riga the bus arrives in Ventspils, one of the oldest town in Latvia. Next to the clean streets and impressing buildings, you might notice a white cow close to the bus station. Cow statues are an indispensable sign of Ventspils and the town is even called “The city of cows”. There is actually no specific reason why but you will notice many big and colorful cow statues while exploring Ventspils. 

Additionally, Ventspils is called the city “where the wind was born”. Wherever you will go, there will always be wind cooling you on a hot beach day or making you wish you took a scarf with you on colder days. The most you can feel the wind on “Pludmale”, the beach, that is around a thirty walk from city center. However, be aware of the water temperature!

Closer to town center is the river “Venta”, an important water for the economic development of Ventspils. Many ships with oil and other goods are landing here every week. A highlight of Ventspils is the museum-like boat on land, which can be visited by tourists. 

Due to its great geographic location, Ventspils has also been a desired place for military strategies and nowadays the town is a calm but historical holiday destination. That´s why people from all over Europe come here to relax and enjoy Latvian culture. 

If you get hungry, there a plenty of different restaurants to choose from and there are also fabulous places to get a Latvian beer after dinner. For some you can even get a discount with venti. Venti are a kind of money for Ventspils that you can earn playing little games or taking different quizzes online.  

During summer there are a lot of city festivals and open air concerts happening to go to and enjoy in and around Ventspils.  The music genre varies from traditional Latvian music to the latest Latvian rap or sometimes even known English songs. Older and younger generations mix and can have a good time there. To foreigners it seems like Latvian culture creates a very peaceful and friendly atmosphere which is open for everyone new to just join in and have fun.

Projekts "Jaunatne iesaistās" tiek finansēts ar Eiropas Komisijas “Erasmus+: Jaunatne darbībā”, kuru Latvijā administrē Jaunatnes starptautisko programmu aģentūra, atbalstu.

Šī publikācija atspoguļo vienīgi autora uzskatus, un Komisijai nevar uzlikt atbildību par tajā ietvertās informācijas jebkuru iespējamo izlietojumu.