Alessandra first impresions about Latvia

I’ve been living in Ventspils for a month and a half now. The most asked question so far has been “Why Latvia?”. If you had asked me about Latvia six months ago, I would have been barely able to point it on the map. For Italians, the Baltic Republic are those three, twice-removed cousins your relatives mention at family gatherings, but you’re quite sure you’ll never meet. I’m happy to say that life proved me wrong.

A few months ago I made the final decision to enrol in the ESC programme and make an adventure out of my 2021, after a quite challenging year. I looked for projects that sparked my interest, feeling ready to go wherever this would take me. And this happened to be… here in Latvia! I wanted to be involved in the community, despite the hardship of the current pandemic. So here I am in Ventspils, this adorable city surrounded by the Baltic Sea and 50-shades-of-green woods.

I’m teaching Italian language and culture (I never thought I would be making pasta from scratch live on social media!), other than educating on climate change and sustainability through digital content and events. I’m learning a lot about non formal education, cross-cultural communication in the digital era and, of course, about Latvian lifestyle and culture. Thanks to my fellow ESC volunteer, Lucie, I’m also practicing my French and gaining lots of insights on her culture, too!

In the next few months I’m looking forward to exploring the country more and maybe even dare a swim in the Baltic Sea!