Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps volunteering projects

Since 2014, NGO "Attīstības fabrika" has been accredited as the coordinating, hosting and support organization for Erasmus + and the European Solidarity Corps. This accreditation allows the association to inform young people between the ages of 18 and 30 about the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps programs and gives the opportunity to prepare and support volunteers for European Voluntary Service projects.

Already implemented Erasmus + Volunteering projects:

2018-2019 One volunteer from Spain was admitted to the EVS in Ventspils project. The volunteer performs her duties at the Ventspils Youth House, organized events of various types and content, as well as Spanish language classes. On a daily basis, the volunteer cooperated with the volunteers of Ventspils Youth Home, as well as organized creative workshops for children – in Ventspils Main Library, as well as organized breakout games for both English and Spanish students in Ventspils University Library.

2018-2019 One volunteer from France was recruited as part of the Youth in Action project. The volunteer performed his / her duties at the Ventspils Youth House, organized French language classes, events on various topics, both informative and entertaining. The volunteer developed activities on the “green way of life”, which involved students of Ventspils city general education school classes and Ventspils University College. The volunteer organized an art campaign and competition to honor March 8, or Vomens rights and equality Day.

Already implemented European Solidarity Corps volunteering projects:

2019 – 2021 "Youth in Action" European Solidarity Corps Partnership Project. Within the framework of this project, the association “Attīstības fabrika” implements both long-term individual volunteer projects and short-term group projects within three years.

From 2019 to 2020, the project implemented long-term volunteering projects with the participation of 3 volunteers from Italy and Poland. The volunteers performed their work duties in Ventspils Youth House, Ventspils University College and Ventspils Main Library. Activities and events of various scales, German, Polish and Italian language classes, music and story cycles, various sports and erudition events for young people were implemented. The volunteers took part in events organized by other European volunteers, representing the host organization and telling others about the possibilities of the European Solidarity Corps program.

In the summer of 2019, the project recruited 10 volunteers from Portugal, Spain, Poland, Germany and Bulgaria for a short-term group project. During one month, the volunteers got acquainted with the culture and nature of Latvia, cooperated with local young people and jointly organized and implemented the Ventspils Youth Festival “Random Republika”.

In th eyar of 2020,  3 volunteers from France and Germany are participating in the project. The volunteers performed their direct duties at the Ventspils Youth House and Ventspils Pārventa Library, organizing events for young people – breakout room, electronics clubs, cultural events, music improvisation evenings, Earth class events, as well as for adults – French and German language lessons, conversation and story evenings about culture and other areas.