About us

Ventspils Youth Council is youth organization (society), which uses non-formal education methods organizing various events –trainings, seminars, camps, informative campaigns for young people (13-25 years old) about topics that are important for them –career, business, educational possibilities, health and healthy lifestyle, participation, politics, mass media etc.

Ventspils Youth council especially pays attention to develop youth leaders’ skills therefore promotes youth creativity, self-initiative, organizing ability, argumentation and public performance experience.

Youth council participates in youth interest advocacy at local level being represented in Ventspils Council Youth Committee and other committees and work groups and at national level being a member of “The National Youth Council of Latvia”

At the moment several projects are implemented, for example, “Youth Talk Club” –weekly discussions in non-formal environment among youth or with an invited guest; in project “You can do more than you think” we organize trainings for pupil self-government to promote activity among schools. Within the project we also organize informative events for student population to encourage their active participation in events of everyday lives, as well as informative events for school groups about topics, such as: democracy, self-development, team work etc.

We maintain close contacts with youth from Lithuania and Estonia by implementing cooperation projects. In our plans is to cooperate also with other Europe’s countries, so we can continue to offer youth the opportunity gain international experience and see the world.

Since November we have become the European Commission’s Youth Information Network “Eurodesk” Information centre in Ventspils. That means we will keep informing youth about opportunities in Europe and we will help them to answer to their questions.

Everyone who wants to be socially active can participate. It is not important whether you have or do not have previous experience, if you have ideas and want to realize them together with other creative youth, take action!

If you want to change something, participate!