Youth initiatives and cooperation

Project description 

Project partners (Ventspils Youth council and Estonia’s NGO “Triigi Trikirand”) together will organize informal educational events for youth, especially focusing on various social and economical topics – youth employment and entrepreneurship, youth media, health and social responsibility, as well all kind of creative activities. Participants will use gained experience and knowledge organizing informative events for other youth, therefore developing youth activity and participation in social life.

Project’s main activities will be four youth exchanges and a conference;

  • “Media and information” (June/July of 2012. In  Latvia)
  •  “Innovative youth and youth entrepreneurship” (August of  2012. In Estonia)
  • “Health and social responsibility” (December of 2012/January of 2013. In Latvia)
  • “Creativeness” (June of 2013. In Estonia)
  • Youth Conference (October of 2013. In Latvia)

Project implementation period: January 2012.- November,2013.

Project budget: 176 466 EUR

Estonia- Latvia programme funding: 149 996 EUR