Volunteer from Germany – welcome Benedikt Braun!

EVS in Ventspils

Čau. Mani sauc Benedikts. I’m from Germany and live in the beautiful city of Ventspils until the 23th December.

Why am here? That’s a good question. After my registration for the European Solidarity Corps I searched for an interesting project all over Europe. And I ended up here in Ventspils because of a few reasons. Yes, the beach is one of it. I live in the mountains in Germany. Living by the sea sounds like a dream for me so there were no doubts about the place. But of course, it’s not only that. With “Ventspils Youth House” I decided to work in a project with young people. And I can already say that I met a lot of interesting characters. Together we already planned, created and realized projects/events. Just hanging out together in the Youth House or being part of an event, I would describe my working place as creative, energetic and comfortable. Comfortable because of all the people I’ve already had the chance to meet.

The volunteer experience is unique in its own way. As a foreigner coming to a new country seems scary for some people. And it’s a challenge. You have to adapt to a new living place. To new people. And a new language. But all of that will be so easy if you are open for new things. Open to meet all the volunteers who will help you to integrate so fast. I can say that because I made the experience after my first few days and the invitation to go to Riga. In Riga I met so many volunteers that I’ve already had a lot of people who helped me to deal with all the new situations.

That’s it from my side. There are still four months in front of me and I’m really looking forward to all the new experiences coming up. So far, I can say that it's a great experience and I'm so thankful to have this opportunity.

One of my flatmates wrote me a message at the beginning: “I have only one word for you. Life-changing. Welcome.” I guess he's right.

Liels Paldies!

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